A Message From Our Founder: Amy Calandrino on New Business in 2021

As we move past the first quarter of 2021, the energy in the office radiates potential. With an impressive 13 deals closed totaling 35,785 square feet, our agents are smashing our goals as Beyond Commercial continues to grow!

With the addition of new agents and support staff to our team we continue to further our brand’s market penetration. Beyond Commercial continues trending upward as we set goals for the new year that focused on equipping the team with new tools and project management software to help them meet their mark. We also have streamlined our processes so that we can focus on our metrics and KPI’s allowing us to optimize our results for our clients, projecting near perfect timelines for milestones, and allowing us insights into our business that translate to success for our clients.

With new toys come renewed focus, as we double down on our service circles to add value for all our returning and new clients. Beyond Commercial is optimizing our skills to get business owners back to what they’re best at, running their business. 

On a more personal note, my family is so excited as we welcome our second child, Giulietta Calandrino, to this amazing life. We have our hands full at work and at home but, what is life if not full- of love, success, friends, and family. 

We want to truly thank all of our amazing clients, staff and friends as we continue into 2021, with nothing but high hopes, bigger goals, and an endless list of achievements. 

Amy Calandrino, CCIM, Founding Principal