Hillary Bressler
Chief Marketing Officer

Email: hillary@beyondcommercial.com
Office: unknown
Mobile: unknown
Web: beyondcommercial.com

Hillary’s Bio

Responsible for overseeing the marketing strategy, planning and execution for Beyond Commercial that serves commercial real estate investors, Hillary manages the marketing including advertising, digital marketing, social media, events marketing, property marketing and client communications for the agency.

Further enhancing Hillary’s ability to provide expert marketing to her clients is her own background of building a personal real estate investment portfolio which now includes a variety of office, residential rentals and retail properties.

Hillary is an Orlando native. Yes they do exist. Following in her parents entrepreneurial spirt she has a passion for investing in commercial real estate. She owns commercial real estate in Winter Park, New Smyrna Beach and Clermont. She loves listening to the dreams of entrepreneurs and their hunt for the best properties. Knowing Orlando, Hillary is very excited about all of the new districts popping up around town.

Ms. Bressler has a track record in spotting industry trends and capitalizing on them before the competition. She continues to be an innovator and has a keen eye for marketing practices that are sure fire winners. Her greatest strengths are in online sales conversion, digital lead generation systems, integrating technology and operations, and a generator of new ideas.

Hillary is the quintessential “Digital Marketing Swiss Army knife” – she has the tools, skills, and experience to improve any organization’s market position. She has more than twenty years of digital marketing experience, including seventeen years at as CEO of .Com Marketing, a top interactive ad agency in the U.S. specializing in travel and hospitality digital marketing.

Ms. Bressler is a graduate of the Grady School of Journalism at the University of Georgia receiving her bachelors in advertising. Her experience at UGA provided an opportunity to study in Aix en Provence, France for the year.

Hillary currently serves on the board of Full Sail University as digital advisor integrating digital curriculum into entertainment, arts and technology into bachelor and master degrees. Most recently she acts as the Digital Advisor to FounderMark, which has built a focused portfolio of early-stage mobile properties and apps. She co-wrote a book called “Discover Your Inner Strength” with Stephan Covey and Brian Tracy.

Hillary’s digital agency, .Com Marketing, was successfully acquired in 2014 by Edgecore which was later acquired by Mindstream Media.

She is a single parent by choice, loves to travel with her two children and is determined to show them the world. She loves local history, horse racing, documentaries, New Symrna Beach and taking care of her two doodle doggies.

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