Welcome to installment part –4 Let us introduce you to the MCO international located 6 miles southeast of Downtown Orlando, Florida. In 2019, it handled 50,613,072 passengers, making it the busiest airport in the state and tenth busiest airport in the United States… so it’s a big deal.  

With these sort of numbers you would think MCO would be content with where they are currently at, but they want more! The south terminal, which is expected to cost more than $2 billion, has been constructed to an estimated 87 percent. The terminal’s 15 additional gates, which can accommodate up to 20 planes, will allow up to 10 million extra people to pass through.   

Much of the new Terminal C, Orlando International Airport’s soon-to-be-completed South terminal, is currently off limits and under development. 

However, a quick glance at the airside, past the TSA security checkpoint, reveals that the new terminal is vastly different from the previous one. Passengers will board predominantly JetBlue jets across 15 gates. Light streams in from the top down, beginning with the massive glass roof. 

Several innovative features will be in the new terminal like 100% facial recognition, 100% automated screening lanes in TSA checkpoints, and the first fully integrated multi-model airport in the U.S. for rail-air-ground transportation with Brightline. 

It is part of the greatest expansion project in the history of the Florida airport. During the same time period, the airport climbed five ranks on the list of the world’s busiest airports. The launch of South Terminal C in 2022 will undoubtedly help to encourage passenger growth. The opening of this terminal will be a great boom in surging Florida’s economy even more, allowing for more people to travel here, and create a better travel experience for all Involved. 

Watch the video here on it ! : https://youtu.be/ttSkgGOayew