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#BeyondYourSpaceNeeds Episode 32: Negotiating Concessions as Part of Lease Renewal

In this episode, Amy Calandrino discusses how concessions such as an office refresh / tenant improvement allowance can be included as part of a lease renewal negotiation.

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#BeyondYourSpaceNeeds Episode 31: Open Houses Aren’t Just for House – Commercial Application

In this episode, Amy Calandrino discusses how having a broker open house can be helpful in progressing a commercial property listing.

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Beyond Commercial Listing – 1775 Central Florida Pkwy – Industrial Space – September 2017

1775 Central FL Pkwy, Units 1 & 2, Orlando, FL For Lease by Beyond Commercial Lic. Real Estate Broker

For more information – please email Amy Calandrino at or call 407-641-2221 or visit

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