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Seller Representation

Our agents provide expert seller representation. Using a wide-range of marketing strategies, we have quickly sold many properties that have been listed without success. Here are the typical steps we take:

Step 1: Prepare Client’s Property for Sale

  • Understand the clients real estate goals
  • Establish a competitive price for the client’s property
  • Identify profitable property improvement opportunities
  • Facilitate prelisting inspection / punch list

Step 2: High-Impact Marketing Materials

  • Gather high-quality digital photography of your property
  • Install highly visible signage at your property
  • Produce full-color property brochures
  • Produce full-color postcards of your property
  • Distribute marketing materials at showings, public venues, and through direct mail

Step 3: Utilize State of The Art Technology

  • Our agents immediately place client’s property listing on MLS, The Broker List, CoStar, Total Commercial, LoopNet and other search sites
  • Immediately create video marketing

Step 4: Consistent Media Advertising

  • Major local and community newspapers
  • Consumer and industry magazines and journals
  • Utilize social media platforms tastefully to target buyers and buyer agents

Step 5: Showings

  • Help clients prepare their property for showings
  • Provide high-impact marketing materials
  • Schedule property showings

Step 6: Follow-up Quickly and Consistently

  • Our agents immediately respond to all leads and prospects
  • Make cold calls and attend networking activities to promote property
  • Encourage serious buyers to make serious offers
  • Facilitate the closing process to ensure a successful, competitively priced, stress-free sale

Why use a seller representative?
An experienced commercial real estate seller representative invests the time and resources needed to dispose of your property. They will have access to multiple listing platforms, proprietary databases, and much more.

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