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Big brokerage resources right-sized for growth-minded entrepreneurs and investors.  Align with our expert commercial real estate advisors to unlock your competitive advantage creating value in your business and portfolio. 

Beyond Commercial’s commercial real estate experts have the knowledge and tools you need to target the right properties, increase values, and maximize returns. 

Our track record of helping business owners and private investors reach their full potential using our methodologies developed continues to fuel our passion to help others.

We craft solutions for every stage in your journey.

MAKE DECISIONS WITH CONFIDENCE aligned with our entrepreneurial commercial real estate advisory team invested in your success.


Build A Lasting Foundation For Your Business.

Often start-ups or those getting their first brick and mortar start touring space too quickly without having complete information.  Unfortunately, this sends the wrong impression to the property owner or the owner's representation especially in a competitive market.  

Let us help gather the requisite demographics, unlisted rental rates and other information needed to conduct a feasibility assessment and create a business plan.  This strategy will allow you to put your best foot forward when finding your dream location.

We offer no pressure guidance to help you through your rent-to-revenue analysis, purchase budgeting, site selection analysis and feasibility consultation.  These services once only available to large, established companies has been right-sized and now available for small to medium-sized businesses and start-up's.

Whether you are looking to buy or rent, our consultative, results-oriented process maximizes our client's success during the buyer representation or tenant representation journey.  If you're looking for a commercial real estate advisor invested in your success, we educate our clients equipping them to make decisions with confidence.

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Emerging Business


Continue building your enterprise.

Once you have a year, a few years or even decades under your belt in business, it's time to evaluate your next steps in your venture.  Our commercial real estate advisors can help with a multitude of strategies including relocation (intrastate, interstate, and globally), multiple location planning and implementation, lease versus buy analysis, location optimization, consolidation / workouts / renegotiations, site selection, occupancy cost analysis and more.  

It starts with a detailed needs assessment followed by research and recommendations.  Our expert team can provide you with the insider knowledge and analysis needed to craft that winning strategy for your organization.  We believe in a one-size-fits-one approach when working with our clients allowing us to formulate innovative solutions.

Whether it's time to expand, become your own landlord, right-sizing or otherwise maximize your enterprise's success.  We are here to help.


Increase your wealth generation potential.

Regardless of if you've recently crossed the bridge to investor class or you've had a portfolio for decades.  Our team of commercial real estate experts can unlock value for you and your family.  We've helped owners with sale leasebacks, 1031 exchanges, landlord representation, seller representation, broker opinion of values including land and property apportionment, development consultation, financial underwriting, property cost analysis, rent roll optimization and more.  

Our owner investor clients keep coming back because our mega marketing machine creates lead abundance for our listings thereby maximizing sale or lease values and reducing vacancies and time on the market.  Our modern, results-driven brokerage stays at the forefront of marketing trends allowing us to outperform the market.

By strategically working with our client's team of professionals to identify opportunities that align not only with their personal and professional goals but their lifestyle, we curate customized solutions providing wealth opportunities and most importantly peace of mind.

Our clients have included owner-user businesses, family offices, private investors, developers, athletes, doctors, lawyers, and others seeking to increase their net worth and increase their wealth accumulation.

Owners and Business


Unleash the power of a diverse perspective.

Institutional clients, religious facilities, schools, and other special-use properties require a unique set of skills, experience, and knowledge to ensure each client is given the best advice in order to insure all of their real estate needs are met. Corporate users rely on us for rent forecasting, workplace strategy, utilization and surplus capacity, exit strategies, commute time analysis, demographics and labor studies, portfolio and location optimization. Preparing government real estate for the future of work.

Reimagine your real estate for the frictionless constituent services while embracing and improving upon the future. By developing a nimble portfolio strategy and exercising public-private partnerships (P3s) to bolster the efficiency of your buildings and public institutions, we guide you through bettering the workplace experience, reducing downtime and supercharging efficiency in your government facilities. We bring cutting edge commercial practices, innovative technologies and sustainability solutions to your facilities.

Whether you need us for consulting, site selection, sales, or leasing, our clients have included the likes of publicly traded companies both national and international seeking to align with a brand providing high level advisory services in a boutique environment.

Delivering Extraordinary Client Experiences

Sport Success System

We believe in a one-size-fits-one approach for our clients where we understand your needs to curate a solution designed to address both your short-term and long-term goals.

Our proprietary SPORT Success System certified commercial real estate expert advisors will develop and lead you through the customized strategy we craft for you.

When you work with our organization, you get a team passionately invested in you and your success. From kickoff to close, our advisors are backed by concierge support allowing them to focus on the strategy and analysis.

Our investment in our team creates better results thereby adding value for the clients we serve. If you're seeking a commercial real estate team at the top of their game, look no further.

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Beyond Commercial’s professionals have the knowledge and tools you need to target the right properties, increase values, and maximize returns on sale.