How It Began

Our vision to empower business owners to create exponential growth and wealth!

From her early days immersed in the intricacies of business and commercial real estate law, Amy Calandrino, the heart and soul behind Beyond Commercial, embarked on a mission to transform the commercial real estate landscape in Orlando. Amy's journey was fueled by witnessing firsthand the devastating effects poor real estate decisions had on small business owners – from disruptive relocation processes to the dire straits of bankruptcy. She observed a common thread: many entrepreneurs, swayed by emotions, lacked a savvy advocate who could guide them through the complex economics and suitability of their chosen spaces.

Realizing the disparity in access to critical 'insider' information, Amy decided it was time to bridge the gap. Her experiences with her family's businesses underscored the long-term financial toll of uninformed space decisions. This personal insight was the catalyst for Beyond Commercial, a system designed to empower Orlando's small business owners with knowledge and foresight in their real estate ventures.

Amy's philosophy extends beyond mere transactions. Her real epiphany came when understanding the futility of rent in the face of ownership opportunities. This led to a personal milestone in 2019 – acquiring her first building. In 2022, Amy sold this building and purchased two buildings in Orlando where Beyond Commercial is now housed. But for Amy, the true fulfillment comes from seeing her clients evolve from first-time space owners to seasoned players in the Orlando commercial real estate market. She revels in witnessing the transformation of entrepreneurs as they grow their businesses and step into the realm of real estate investment, building generational wealth and achieving newfound freedom.

Looking ahead, Beyond Commercial aspires to expand its team of entrepreneurial advisors, amplifying our impact within the Central Florida community and beyond. Our focus remains steadfast: guiding small business owners across the bridge to become savvy investors in Orlando's dynamic commercial real estate landscape, thereby fostering a legacy of prosperity and success.

Beyond Commercial’s professionals have the knowledge and tools you need to target the right properties, increase values, and maximize returns on sale.