Our Vision... 

                                                                                                                     Empowering business owners to create exponential growth and wealth!

How It Began

After nearly a decade of business and commercial real estate law experience, our founder, Amy Calandrino began her career in commercial real estate.  On far too many occasions, Amy witnessed the disastrous ramifications that could result from poor space decisions not to mention how disruptive the entire process could be.   

In the worst of cases, business owners were booted from their spaces to wind up ultimately filing for bankruptcy.  In nearly every case, the business owner lacked a skilled, business-minded advocate and made an emotional decision after “falling in love” with the space.  If they only had seen the true picture concerning the suitability and economics of the space, they may have chosen differently.  

Over the next several years, Amy was shocked to learn just how much “insider” information and inventory was out of reach from the everyday small business owner leading them to make uninformed decisions.  Admittedly, she could see how past space decisions for her family’s businesses had cost them in the long term.  Amy created a system helping her clients achieve a better result.  

Through her own business owner journey, Amy realized how wasteful rent payments can be if there’s an opportunity to own your own real estate.  In 2019, Amy acquired her first building where Beyond Commercial is headquartered.  While seeing your client open their first space is incredibly rewarding, Amy gets the most joy when her business clients grow their business to run itself and join the commercial real estate investor class building a portfolio. Seeing that entrepreneur’s hard work pay off providing them freedom never gets old.   

What does the future hold for Beyond? By continuing to grow our team of entrepreneurial advisor, we hope to maximize our impact in the Central Florida community and BEYOND. 

Beyond Commercial’s professionals have the knowledge and tools you need to target the right properties, increase values, and maximize returns on sale.