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Amy Calandrino is a Commercial REALTOR and founder of Beyond Commercial a commercial real estate firm serving entrepreneurs and professionals. Amy is also an untrained yet passionate cook showcasing her "skills" and other food loving friends and places on her Amy's Apron cooking blog, business and real estate law firm administrator / certified paralegal, and an engaged Winter Park resident / business owner.

#BeyondYourSpaceNeeds: Episode 38: Setting Goals & Turning “Failures” Into Successes

In this episode, Amy discusses her 2018 resolutions and why New Year’s Resolutions are not worthless.

For some, they can be helpful and keep you focused on that goal even if it may take you longer to achieve that goal.

For instance, Amy first set out to run a half marathon in 2011, but had some roadblocks […]

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#BeyondYourSpaceNeeds: Episode 37: CCIM Scholarship

In this episode, Amy Calandrino of Winter Park Commercial Real Estate Firm – Beyond Commercial – talks about the scholarship she received toward her next CCIM class and what the CCIM designation represents.  Amy was also provided the opportunity to serve as a 2018 director for the Florida CCIM’s Central District.

For more information on the […]

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#BeyondYourSpaceNeeds: Episode 36: Fall Update & Tenant Representation Refresher

In this episode, Amy Calandrino of Winter Park Commercial Real Estate Firm – Beyond Commercial – gives a refresher on what to expect during the tenant representation process with an actual example of a current deal.

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#BeyondYourSpaceNeeds: Episode 35: Transit Oriented Development

Living in Central Florida for nearly 30 years, I’ve seen many changes.  Most notably in the last five years, there has been a shift in development toward transit oriented development.

In the most recent “Commercial Connections” Summer 2017 magazine published by the National Association of Realtors®, “Transit Oriented Development” was covered as a commercial real estate […]

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#BeyondYourSpaceNeeds: Episode 34: Top 3 Features Tenants & Buyers Seek in Commercial Property

In this episode, Amy Calandrino of Winter Park Commercial Real Estate Firm – Beyond Commercial – discusses three of the top features that buyers and tenants seek in commercial property — security, signage and internet/connectivity.

Amy will elaborate on internet’s importance to businesses with respect to conducting business and commercial real estate.

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#BeyondYourSpaceNeeds: Episode 33: Hurricane Irma and Returning to Normal

September was quite a month.  I was away during Hurricane Irma but returned to our community unsettled due to lack of utilities and wind damage to trees and buildings.

In fact, as of today — October 4, 2017, we still don’t have a working light at New York Avenue and Morse Boulevard in Winter Park.  I […]

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#BeyondYourSpaceNeeds Episode 32: Negotiating Concessions as Part of Lease Renewal

In this episode, Amy Calandrino discusses how concessions such as an office refresh / tenant improvement allowance can be included as part of a lease renewal negotiation.

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#BeyondYourSpaceNeeds Episode 31: Open Houses Aren’t Just for House – Commercial Application

In this episode, Amy Calandrino discusses how having a broker open house can be helpful in progressing a commercial property listing.

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Beyond Commercial Listing – 1775 Central Florida Pkwy – Industrial Space – September 2017

1775 Central FL Pkwy, Units 1 & 2, Orlando, FL For Lease by Beyond Commercial Lic. Real Estate Broker

For more information – please email Amy Calandrino at or call 407-641-2221 or visit

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#BeyondYourSpaceNeeds Episode 30: I-4 Commercial Corridor Conference 2017

On August 11, 2017, I attended the 2nd Annual I-4 Commercial Corridor Conference hosted by Saunders Ralston Dantzler at Florida Polytechnic University in Lakeland, Florida.




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