Most experts feared that late 2021 would bring storm clouds with distressed asset sales especially with hotel and retail asset classes, but that has yet to be seen. In fact, 2021 looked like more of the roaring 20’s boom.

As we look ahead to 2022, what should we expect? There are many factors impacting this such as office employers balancing productivity and safety; retailers facing critical turning points in an evolving industry; residences are competing for tenancy amid changing patterns and heightened affordability concerns. Meanwhile, companies face increasing demands to prioritize a multitude of issues concerning environmental, social, and governance problems as well as technology infrastructures that are aging, a tightening labor market, and increasingly evolving competition.

How the CRE industry proceeds into early 2022 could set the foundation for its success over the next years to come. We will be diving in three sectors of the CRE market and predictions on the markets and factors that we stated previously and the effects everything has on industrial, retail, and office.

Over the next three weeks, we will dive into industrial, retail and office and share our insights.


After more than a decade serving business owners and investors, Beyond Commercial’s entrepreneurial agents are invested in our client’s success. We passionately unlock hidden opportunities creating value within our clients’ businesses and portfolios. Our goal is to bridge the gap from business owner-operator to joining the investor class maximizing income along the way. The objective of the Beyond Your Space Needs series is to not only share insights from our most successful entrepreneur clients and other thought leaders, but also share business and commercial real estate trends. If you want to grow, you’re tuning into the right show! _______________________________________


Amy Calandrino, CCIM is the Chief Executive Officer of Beyond Commercial, a Certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) certified commercial real estate firm. Amy leads a team of talented commercial real estate agents who serve business owners and investors across all asset classes and representation types.


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