Welcome to this week’s Monday Market Update, brought to you by Amy Calandrino of Beyond Commercial. We’re diving into the latest commercial real estate news, both nationally and locally, and sharing exciting updates from our office.

Closeup of a Florida map with a red push pin

National News: Tax Deal to Boost Businesses 

In a significant development, Congress has announced a bipartisan tax deal that promises to be a boon for businesses. Key highlights include expensing for research and experimental costs, restoration of an earlier interest deduction, an expansion of small-business expensing, and an extension of bonus depreciation. This deal, as outlined by the Ways & Means Committee, is set to strengthen the backbone of the American economy, particularly benefiting small and medium-sized businesses by easing financial burdens and encouraging investment in innovation. [Read more](https://www.cnbc.com/2024/01/16/congress-announces-tax-deal-to-expand-child-tax-credit.html)

Local Spotlight: A New High-Speed Rail to Tampa

Locally, there’s buzz about a new bill aiming to fast-track the expansion of Brightline’s high-speed rail service to Tampa. This development could significantly impact the connectivity and economic landscape of Florida, potentially enhancing business opportunities and real estate development in the region. While I couldn’t access the full content of the article due to website restrictions, the implications of such an expansion are undoubtedly vast for both businesses and the commercial real estate sector. [Learn more](https://www.fox13news.com/news/is-high-speed-rail-coming-to-tampa-new-bill-hopes-to-fast-track-brightline-expansion)

Beyond Commercial Office News 

In our own office, we’re thrilled to announce that Bella, our marketing coordinator, is back to business school and working remotely. Her dedication continues to shine as she helps launch new content campaigns for Beyond Commercial and our founder, Amy Calandrino. Keep an eye on our social media platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn for these fresh and engaging content pieces. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so be sure to follow Amy Calandrino and Beyond Commercial and let us know your thoughts! [Meet Bella](https://beyondcommercial.com/isabella-plank/)

Stay tuned for more updates next Monday, where we bring you the latest in commercial real estate news and insights from Beyond Commercial.