Amy Calandrino, CCIM of Beyond Commercial raves on how Calendly saves time and automates the scheduling process with a variety of options with confirmations to all parties. Approaching the tenth-year anniversary of her business, there has been trial and error when it comes to applying efficient business tools to her weekly routine.

One of the most efficient ways a business owner can manage their time with their clients and employees is through Calendly. Calendly is an affordable online appointment platform that provides convenience to individuals that have an abundance of scheduled meetings. With this platform there is no longer any hassle with back and forth emails or worrying about time-zoning issues when planning meetings. This user-friendly scheduling software functions through a shareable link that’s leads to a page with available time slots based on your schedule. The image below is an example of how the appointment scheduler operates. Once the appropriate time is selected through this page clients will get to choose their preference of meeting through the variety of options (e.g., zoom, phone, in-person). In finalization Calendly will automatically add to the business owner and clients/employees personal calendars.

Many email platforms offer calendars as part of their software that can be used to your advantage, whether it is to block time on your schedule or to keep track of upcoming events. Calendly integrates with email service Outlook and Google Calendars to make it easier for clients or employees to schedule appointments to avoid time slots that are already occupied. Incorporating Calendly into your scheduling routine will assist in organization and time-management.