In this episode of Beyond Your Space Needs, Amy Calandrino discusses overcoming the obstacles of the balancing act that is entrepreneurship and womanhood. Wanting to be the best version of ourselves, that also includes being the best versions of the titles we have: Mom, Wife, Student, Business Owner, Individual.

Amy discusses her schedule in depth, how she plans her daily meals out and creates time to make home cooked dinners for the family.

“My morning routine actually starts the night before. I lay my clothes out, my son’s clothes out, that way we are ready to go in the morning,” says Amy. 

Insisting on blocking out time to meet with her staff early in the day and getting the hustle and bustle of the workday done by the early afternoon, Amy is able to allocate precious hours after 2:00pm to focus on her own personal education goals and her home life, creating that much sought after home-life balance.

“You know, I even schedule time to take a nap!” Amy says jokingly, “I try to make myself available for everyone with the use of Calendly, to really capitalize on my time.” 

Watch the latest episode below for her in-depth routine.