September was quite a month.  I was away during Hurricane Irma but returned to our community unsettled due to lack of utilities and wind damage to trees and buildings.

In fact, as of today — October 4, 2017, we still don’t have a working light at New York Avenue and Morse Boulevard in Winter Park.  I also know many friends who are still waiting for their debris to be cleared.  It just takes a long time.

As far as commercial real estate is concerned, there were a lot less listings and activities during and after Irma.  Commercial real estate property activity is finally returning to normal.  However, many listings ended up with damage which caused unexpected inspection issues leading to in some instances having to reducing purchase prices for buyers.

It’s been a weird few weeks.  However, the events nationally and locally continue to bring many together so we will weather this all.  It’s just going to take time.

I’m hoping that next week’s vlog is all data driven and more commercial real estate based.  But, you never know.