Why should you use Beyond Commercial for your commercial real estate needs?

1. Beyond Commercial is a locally owned and operated business who get the challenges that businesses face. As owner of Beyond Commercial, Amy has to do deal with budgets, staffing concerns, and the other components of running a business.

2. We excel not only tactically with handling commercial real estate, but we also are committed to communication. We are proactively working ahead on our deals and responsive to all parties on our deals.

3. Amy who leads and trains the team at Beyond Commercial has been there. Other agents have worked deals, but have they personally been in the trenches themselves? Amy’s personally been through more than a half-dozen leases and build-outs and even a building purchase and remodel. She’s seen what can go wrong and understanding the attention-to-detail to the minutiae to get a move-in, expansion, contraction or other transition accomplished timely.

4. You’re getting a TEAM with proven strategies for success. Utilizing Gantt charts and project management techniques as well as personal supervision, Amy is involved with overseeing each deal.

5. Do you really need another reason? We have complimentary assessments so what do you have to lose? Contact us today.


Amy Calandrino, CCIM is a Commercial REALTOR and founder of Beyond Commercial a commercial real estate firm serving entrepreneurs and professionals. Amy is an engaged Winter Park resident / business owner and passionate about community involvement. Outside of the office, Amy serves on a number of boards and committees including but not limited to: Florida CCIM Chapter Central District as President, Winter Park Chamber of Commerce Leadership Alumni Council President, Victim Service Center of Central Florida Cheers to Change Committee, and Seacoast Bank Central Florida Advisory Board.


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