Recently, I reviewed Xceligent's Quarter 2 2017 Office Market report.  Here are a few highlights: The unemployment rate decreased 0.6
In this episode, Amy discusses how laughter and optimism has a positive impact in the business world.
In this episode, Amy discusses the available information that can be ascertained just from a property address. Some examples of
How do I know what's going on?  By staying current and reading my trade and business magazines and google alerts.
In this episode, Amy Calandrino shares the success story of NuCare Therapy opening their first brick and mortar location. In
In this episode, Amy Calandrino discusses the next steps after a client returns their listing contract: 1. Keys 2. Sign(s)
As of 9/7/17 - this property is UNDER CONTRACT As of 12/1/17 - this property SOLD The latest listing from
Here's a tour of Amy's office right on Park Avenue in Winter Park (that's our door to the left of
 You can't just "set it and forget it."  Your potential buyers and tenants all seek information in different ways.  Don't
Using base rent to sales ratio can be a tool to determine if a site makes economic sense to lease.
First off, I am not an economic expert by any means.  However, I have the most basic understanding now of
This week, I've been in CCIM CI 102 class and learning more about market analysis.  This process is incredibly comprehensive and

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