Orlando International Airport has said earlier that travelers would be able to use Terminal C by July 2022. The south terminal, which
The convention centers we have is a significant contribution to the US economy under normal conditions. But what about now
During the health-care crisis, retail fundamentals remained stable. Prior to the pandemic, Orlando experienced job growth that was double the
The habits of office renters have changed since the epidemic hit the global corporate landscape two years ago. The majority
A massive chase for space could portray the industrial market and what we will see to come since the onset
Most experts feared that late 2021 would bring storm clouds with distressed asset sales especially with hotel and retail asset
The Federal Reserve issued its final monetary policy decision “to keep the target range for the federal funds rate at
Main Point: The Treasury Department seeks public comments by February 7, 2022 on a potential regulatory approach to the real estate
Cryptocurrency was on the cusp of mainstream acceptance with many title companies and other commercial real estate vendors adopting cryptocurrency
With increased competition nationwide, more and more out-of-market investors are looking to secondary markets like Orlando for better value and
The word everyone hated to hear a year ago was “unprecedented” … today’s it’s “inflation.”  It’s our new centerpiece of
The November 8, 2021 Monday Market Update is considered breaking news here at Beyond Commercial as it's impact will be

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