Corporate, Institutional & Government

Unleash the power of a diverse perspective.

Institutional clients, religious facilities, schools, and other special-use properties require a unique set of skills, experience, and knowledge to ensure each client is given the best advice in order to insure all of their real estate needs are met. Corporate users rely on us for rent forecasting, workplace strategy, utilization and surplus capacity, exit strategies, commute time analysis, demographics and labor studies, portfolio and location optimization. Preparing government real estate for the future of work.

Reimagine your real estate for the frictionless constituent services while embracing and improving upon the future. By developing a nimble portfolio strategy and exercising public-private partnerships (P3s) to bolster the efficiency of your buildings and public institutions, we guide you through bettering the workplace experience, reducing downtime and supercharging efficiency in your government facilities. We bring cutting edge commercial practices, innovative technologies and sustainability solutions to your facilities.

Whether you need us for consulting, site selection, sales, or leasing, our clients have included the likes of publicly traded companies both national and international seeking to align with a brand providing high level advisory services in a boutique environment.

Beyond Commercial’s professionals have the knowledge and tools you need to target the right properties, increase values, and maximize returns on sale.