Erika’s Bio 

Erika Rodriguez is the Office Assistant here at Beyond Commercial as of May 2023. Erika graduated from Seminole State Collage with an Associate's Degree in 2016 and has background in call center as well as property management. With multifamily housing Erika learned that creating connections is the way to go in order to create retention with any business.  

As an office assistant is Erika’s job to answer any incoming inquiries and assist them as much as possible before the listing agent is able to speak to them.  

“I have been learning a lot of what commercial real estate is all about. Cannot wait to continue to learn and grow with this amazing team. Do not hesitate to give us a call!  

Estamos aqui para ayudarlos” 

-Erika Rodriguez 

Outside of work Erika enjoys wellness and ice cream.



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