Llamas and Camels in Orlando? What gives?

As we kick off another fantastic week, here’s your Monday Market Update from the desk of Amy Calandrino, your dedicated Orlando commercial real estate broker.

Within the Office:

We’re in high spirits here at Beyond Commercial as we toast to our 13th anniversary. Reflecting on our journey, it’s been an incredible ride. The initial years challenged us, but as they say, patience and perseverance pay off. Our trajectory in the latter half showcases our growth, all thanks to your trust and the word spreading about our unparalleled service to closely held businesses and investors. Here’s to many more years of flourishing partnerships!


A change seems to be brewing in the employment landscape. The recent phenomenon of “quiet cuttings” is gaining traction. According to a recent report by CNBC, there seems to be a subtle shift in power dynamics within workplaces, indicating changes in how employers and employees navigate their professional ties. It’s always essential for businesses, especially in our industry, to keep a finger on the pulse of such shifts.


Orlando never ceases to amaze with its vibrant culinary scene. A recent roundup by Orlando Business Journal presented the all-time top 10 restaurants in our city according to Yelp. From the list, what’s truly intriguing is that one restaurant is so authentically exclusive, it doesn’t even have a website! And if you’re in the mood for some unique eats, look out for the two restaurants with quirky animal-themed names, one featuring a llama and the other a camel. Now that’s a conversation starter for your next dinner outing!

In closing, whether it’s updates from our office, the nation, or right here in Orlando, we remain committed to keeping you informed. Our city’s growth, both in business and culture, is a testament to the thriving community we’ve built and continue to nurture.

Until next week, here’s wishing you a productive week ahead. And if you have any commercial real estate inquiries or need insights, you know who to call. Cheers, Orlando!

– Amy Calandrino, Beyond Commercial.