Local Spotlight: Orlando’s Job Market Heats Up

Orlando has been identified as one of the new hot spots for jobs in the U.S., experiencing significant growth especially in tech and service sectors. This uptick in jobs is boosting demand for both office and retail spaces, marking a promising trend for local commercial real estate. Investors and businesses may find burgeoning opportunities in the region’s expanding economic landscape. [Read more about Orlando’s job market](https://www.wsj.com/articles/new-job-hot-spots-phoenix-orlando-albuquerque-11672609861)

 National News: Puzzling Trends in Jobless Claims

Nationally, the jobless claims have shown unusual patterns recently, suggesting potential discrepancies in reporting or deeper economic undercurrents. For commercial real estate, this could signal shifts in office space demand and worker distribution across cities, which in turn could affect leasing dynamics and property values. It’s a trend worth monitoring for potential impacts on investment strategies. [Learn more about the national jobless trends](https://www.cnbc.com/2024/04/19/something-strange-has-been-happening-with-jobless-claims-numbers-lately.html)

Beyond Commercial Update: Amy Calandrino’s Networking in NYC

Our very own Amy Calandrino will be attending the prestigious RealEstate X Gala in NYC, hosted by industry giants Bob Knakal and the newly revealed StripMallGuy, Don Tepman. This event is a prime networking opportunity, connecting Amy with top deal makers and influencers in the commercial real estate market. Engagements like this enhance our service capabilities through innovative ideas and potential collaborations, enriching our client offerings back home.

Upcoming Events and Insights

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