Beyond Commercial – Thriving into Q2

As we step into a fresh quarter, we’re excited to share the stellar performance of Beyond Commercial in Q1 2024. Our leasing volume was exceptional, and we have a significant sales volume in the pipeline expected to close in Q2, alongside robust leasing activity. A special shoutout to Diana Buchan for closing her first deal since joining our team in August 2023. Your hard work is truly paying off! [Read more about Diana](

Local Update: Florida Takes a Stand Against Squatters

Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a new law to combat the “squatters scam” in Florida. Effective July 1, this legislation aims to protect property owners by imposing stricter penalties on squatters and ensuring law enforcement can remove them more efficiently. This move is expected to safeguard commercial properties and contribute positively to the real estate market. [Learn more about the new law](

National Spotlight: Consumer Spending Holds Steady

Nationally, consumer spending shows resilience, notably in the demand for everyday items like french fries. This “fry attachment rate” reflects a stable consumer market, potentially signaling sustained foot traffic and spending in sectors closely tied to commercial real estate, such as retail and food services. While specific details from the CNBC article were not accessible, the general trend underscores the importance of monitoring consumer behavior for real estate opportunities.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Beyond Commercial as we navigate the dynamic real estate market!