Monday Market Update: SBA Loans, 2024 CRE Trends, and Holiday Fun

Monday Market Update

Inside Beyond Commercial:
As we step into December, the festive mood is setting in at Beyond Commercial! It’s time for the annual debate: “Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?” Join in the fun and share your thoughts. Here’s our take on it from last year’s discussion. [Watch our video](

Local Spotlight – Orlando:
Great news for the Orlando business community! The uptake of SBA loans, especially among Hispanic business owners, is on the rise. This trend not only signifies a growing confidence among entrepreneurs but also highlights the increasing support for diverse business ventures in our region.

National Perspective:
Looking ahead to 2024, the commercial real estate (CRE) landscape presents both challenges and opportunities. The sector is adjusting to higher interest rates, causing a gap in buyer and owner expectations. However, property incomes remain resilient with positive, albeit slower, rent growth. This shifting dynamic underscores the importance of strategic investment and adapting to market changes.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Amy Calandrino at Beyond Commercial. Let’s make the most of these opportunities and challenges together!