Monday Market Update – February 19, Orlando Commercial Real Estate Insights

Inside Beyond Commercial:

Our leader, Amy Calandrino, continues to enhance client experiences through her dedication to learning and connection. Follow her latest activities and insights to stay ahead in the commercial real estate market. [Find out where Amy has been](

National News:

The struggles of direct-to-consumer brands like Casper, Allbirds, and Peloton signal a potential shift back to brick-and-mortar retail. This could mean new opportunities for commercial real estate development and leasing. [Read more on this trend](

Local Spotlight:

Orlando’s culinary scene is on the rise with eight local restaurants added to the Michelin Guide, spotlighting the city’s vibrant food culture and attracting more visitors and locals alike. This elevation in dining excellence could lead to increased foot traffic and interest in nearby commercial properties. [Discover the featured restaurants](

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