Inside Beyond Commercial

Today at Beyond Commercial, we’re celebrating a special occasion! It’s Phil Calandrino’s birthday, the husband and best friend of our very own Amy Calandrino. Phil, a founder of Forward Law Firm, works closely with investors, developers, and small-to-medium-sized businesses, offering expertise in litigation, mergers, acquisitions, and estate planning. Meanwhile, Amy, who founded Beyond Commercial in 2010, continues to lead the firm in providing top-notch commercial real estate advisory services. The dynamic duo, also dedicated parents and community activists, recently enjoyed a ski trip to celebrate Phil’s birthday. Learn more about their professional journey and personal endeavors at [Calandrino Inc.](

Local Spotlight: Central Florida Fair

The Central Florida Fair is making its 112th return to Orlando, promising an array of classic and new attractions. Scheduled from February 29 to March 10 at the Central Florida Fairgrounds, this year’s fair features livestock exhibitions, interactive games, fried food, and unique additions like Bizarre Boulevard and an adult circus variety show. This event not only offers entertainment but also represents a significant opportunity for local businesses and vendors to engage with the community. More details can be found at (

National Economic Outlook

On the national front, the economy in 2024 looks promising. Despite previous recession fears, the U.S. economy has shown resilience, buoyed by strong consumer spending and job gains. Interest rate cuts are anticipated as inflation cools, offering a hopeful outlook for businesses and real estate markets. However, the path to these cuts may have its challenges, with consumer credit card debt on the rise and the potential impact of the upcoming national election. For a detailed analysis, visit [CBS News](