Monday Market Update: Education Reforms & Global Trade Impacts

Monday Market Stat

Hello and welcome to this week’s Monday Market Update! I’m Amy Calandrino from Beyond Commercial, here to share some exciting news from our office and the latest developments in the world of commercial real estate both locally and globally.

1. Local News – Florida’s Educational Reforms:

  Florida’s journey with school choice and micro-schools is creating new opportunities in the educational sector. The expansion of educational options, including the recent boost to the Family Empowerment Scholarship Program and the rise of micro-schools, makes Florida an attractive destination for families and businesses. This could signal a potential increase in demand for commercial real estate in areas with these innovative educational models.

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2. Global News – Panama Canal Drought:

  The Panama Canal is facing significant shipping delays due to a severe drought, impacting global trade. The Panama Canal Authority has had to limit traffic, causing delays and increased costs for shippers. This situation highlights the importance of considering global supply chain factors in commercial real estate planning, especially for businesses reliant on international shipping.

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3. Beyond Commercial Office Update:

  Great news from our office – Beyond Commercial is now back to full operational hours! You can reach out to us anytime, day or night, at 407-641-2221 or For more personalized assistance or to start exploring your commercial real estate options, book an introductory call on our website at any time at

For more market insights, join us back here next week.