Welcome to this week’s Monday Market Update, where we bring you the latest news and insights from the world of commercial real estate in Orlando, Florida. Let’s dive into the three key stories shaping the industry this week:

1. Florida Market Update: “No-Buy Zone: Florida’s Ban on Some Foreign Buyers Has Industry Scrambling for Response”


The real estate industry in Florida is abuzz with discussions surrounding the state’s ban on certain foreign buyers. According to The Real Deal magazine, industry professionals are grappling with finding suitable responses to this new restriction. The ban has prompted a flurry of analysis and strategizing to mitigate its impact. To gain a deeper understanding of the situation, read the full article here.

2. National Market Update: “What’s That Smell? Your Brand!”


In a fascinating exploration of branding, the NAR Realtor Magazine examines the influence of scents on brand perception. The article delves into how particular scents can shape and enhance a brand’s identity in the real estate industry. Discover the intriguing connection between scents and brand perception by reading the full article here.

3. Office Update: Refreshed Look on Instagram


We’re thrilled to announce that our office has undergone a refreshed look on Instagram, thanks to the creative efforts of Bella Plank, our marketing coordinator. Our updated brand presence on Instagram reflects our commitment to staying connected and providing valuable insights to our clients and followers. To explore our refreshed Instagram profile, click here.

Stay informed and connected with the latest updates from the world of commercial real estate in Orlando. We will continue to keep you updated on local, national, and office-related news that impacts our industry. Thank you for joining us for this week’s Monday Market Update! #MondayMarketUpdate #OrlandoCRE #FloridaRealEstate #NationalNews #BrandIdentity #OfficeUpdates #StayConnected