Welcome to our Monday Market Update! I’m Amy Calandrino, your commercial real estate expert. Here’s what you need to know this week:

In Our Office:

Beyond Commercial is thrilled to announce that the [Performance Mindset Show](http://performancemindset.show), a key part of our thought leadership, is celebrating two remarkable years! With 50 shows broadcasted, we stand proudly in the top 5% of global podcasts, an accolade reflecting our dedication to excellence and leadership in commercial real estate and business. This milestone underscores our commitment to providing insightful and industry-leading content for our clients and community.

Local News:

Orlando has been named the top city in the U.S. for sports events by the Sports Business Journal, a recognition of our city’s dedication to hosting a diverse array of sporting event. This prestigious ranking is a testament to the collaborative efforts between the city’s world-class venues, sports commissions, and the supportive community, driving not just sports tourism but bolstering the hospitality and real estate sectors alike. The synergy between these sectors enhances Orlando’s appeal as a prime destination for commercial investments, particularly in areas surrounding these venues.

National Perspective:

Nationally, the commercial real estate sector is closely monitoring interest rates. Despite the Federal Reserve holding steady, the market has seen changes that could impact commercial real estate investments. Staying informed on these trends is crucial for strategic planning and investment decisions. For a detailed analysis, check out the [latest update on interest rates](https://www.cnbc.com/2024/03/20/how-interest-rates-have-changed-even-as-the-fed-holds-steady.html).

Stay tuned for next week’s update, and as always, we’re here to help you navigate the complexities of the commercial real estate market.