Amy Calandrino’s Beyond Commercial Weekly Digest

Local Spotlight: Orlando’s Luxury Hotel Market

The Orlando area is anticipating a significant boost in its luxury hotel offerings, a development that signals strong market confidence and a boon for the local economy. The Fairmont Orlando, set to open in early 2025, will be a standout addition to the city’s luxury accommodation sector. This new property, encompassing 30 acres in the heart of Orlando’s entertainment district, will feature 550 guestrooms, including 90 suites and 12 unique villas. Guests will have access to seven distinct dining experiences, a 12,000 square foot spa, and over 44,000 square feet of meeting space. This expansion reflects the growing demand for high-end accommodations in the region and underscores Orlando’s appeal as a premier tourist destination.

National News: Mortgage Rate Trends

On the national front, the real estate market is closely monitoring mortgage rate movements as we progress into 2024. While specific predictions about rate decreases remain complex, understanding current trends is crucial for strategic planning in the commercial real estate sector. Stay informed on this front to make well-informed decisions for your investments and client advisories.

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