This weeks’ Monday Market Update for May 15th, 2023 brings insight into the recent Commercial Real Estate news. This week, we looked at the most recent updates on Covid-19 and it’s effects on Commercial Real Estate, A new property we have, featured on OBJ, and Brittany’s Birthday!  

Here are more details on the National, Local, and Office news.  


  • The World Health Organization has declared that Covid-19 is no longer a public health emergency  
  • It is expected that things will go back to how they were previous to Covid- 19  
  • However, there is still risk that a new variant could appear at any time  
  • Covid-19 had affected travel and trade, along with shattering businesses and plunging millions to poverty  
  • In terms of Commercial Real Estate, because the pandemic is over, it is a chance for businesses to get back to where they were before Covid-19  


  • Land in Winter Park is difficult to find  
  • Only 11 have been traded on Fairbanks from 17-92 and Dinky Dock 
  • Only one is 1/3 of an acre  
  • The one that we are listing is ½!  


  • It’s Brittany’s Birthday!  
  • The Beyond Team wishes Brittany the happiest of Birthdays
  • She is Amy’s personal and executive assistant, here to help! 

Thank you for tuning into this week’s Monday Market Update, and le tus know what you want to see next week.