This week’s Monday Market Update for May 22nd, 2023 brings insight into the recent Commercial Real Estate news. For this week, how AI will impact Commercial Real Estate, Orlando’s traffic, and Evan and Bella’s exciting news!  

Here’s more information on the following National, Local, and Office News:  


  • BizNow asked ChatGPT to write a 500-word article on the impact of AI on Commercial Real Estate. 
  • In this Article, ChatGPT says they are “transforming the way professionals operate”.  
  • AI believes that its own abilities are strong enough to know it can change the professional field. 


  • Orlando had 74 million annual visitors in 2022. 
  • There are constantly new attractions bringing people here.  
  • The Brightline will also bring more people to Orlando. 
  • New restaurants and shops that aren’t found anywhere else also attract tourists.  
  • Tourists come here for attractions primarily.  
  • There is always development in Orlando, and always something new to see, making it the prime reason for traffic in Orlando. 


  • Bella and Evan are graduating High School!  
  • Bella will be continuing her academic career at Stetson University, while Evan will be at Valenica.