This weeks’ Monday Market Update for May 8th focused on three new developments on a national, local, and office scale. 

This week we looked at Job Openings falling more than expected in March, Winter Springs’ growth moratorium, and a new addition to the office. 

Here are some more in depth recaps of the articles: 


  • New numbers on employment signal less pressure on inflation 
  • This is the first low in around 2 years 
  • Job vacancies are totaled at 9.59 for the month, which is lower than the previous 9.97 million in February 
  • The Federal Reserve has watched the payrolls number and the lower it is, the more positive it is for inflation, which also implies less pressure on wages and could ease the pressure on the Fed. 
  • It is assumed the central bank will announce a 0.25 percentage point rate increase. 


  • Local moratoriums are on development until storm water guidelines are instilled 
  • Significant rain form Ian and Nicole brought flooding to Orlando. 
  • Winter Springs is halting business, and could even effect Commercial Real Estate 

And for our in office news, Erika Rodriquez joined us recently as our new part time office assistant, or client experience coordinator. If you call, you may speak with her! 

She is bilingual, helping us to reach to our diverse client base.