Beyond Commercial’s Weekly Market Update: Key Real Estate Developments and Recognitions

Welcome to Beyond Commercial’s Monday Market Update

I’m Amy Calandrino, your dedicated Orlando commercial real estate broker, and I’m excited to bring you the latest insights and news from our dynamic industry. Let’s dive into the highlights of this week’s market update.

1. National Perspective: Federal Reserve Holds Rates Steady

In a significant move with potential implications for the real estate market, the Federal Reserve has opted to keep interest rates unchanged. The decision holds importance for investors and business owners. To understand the full impact, check out this detailed CNBC article: The Federal Reserve Leaves Rates Unchanged: How It Impacts Your Money.

2. In-House News: Beyond Commercial Recognized as Best of Winter Park Finalist

Exciting news from our office! Beyond Commercial has been honored as one of the two finalists in the Best of Winter Park by the Chamber of Commerce. This recognition speaks to our team’s commitment to providing exceptional service in the commercial real estate sector. We share this achievement with our valued clients and the community.

3. Florida Real Estate: Surpassing New York in Housing Pricing

In a notable shift, Florida has surpassed New York as the second-most valuable housing market in the U.S. This trend, primarily led by residential real estate, is expected to have ripple effects on the commercial sector. Investors and businesses, it’s time to reassess your strategies. Explore more about this development in the insightful Florida Trend article.

Stay Informed and Ahead with Beyond Commercial

As the commercial real estate landscape continues to evolve, staying informed is crucial. Whether it’s national economic trends, local market shifts, or exciting news from our office, I’m here to keep you updated. Let’s navigate these changes together and find the best opportunities for your real estate needs.

Amy Calandrino
Your Trusted Orlando Commercial Real Estate Broker