Embracing Change: Austin Ditches Parking Requirements, Orlando’s Vibrant Scene, and Beyond Commercial’s Family Touch

In a bold move, Austin has become the largest city in the United States to eliminate parking requirements for developments. Amy Calandrino, founder and CEO of Beyond Commercial, shares insights from the recent Winter Park Chamber of Commerce Outlook event, where parking challenges took center stage. In this Monday Market Update, we explore the potential implications of this decision, the economic impact of events like the Electric Daisy Carnival in Orlando, and how family values are becoming an integral part of Beyond Commercial’s work culture.

Austin’s Parking Revolution:
Addressing concerns about the removal of parking requirements, Calandrino acknowledges potential complaints but highlights the significance of considering alternatives in compact areas. Drawing parallels with an article from the Texas Tribune, she predicts a domino effect, suggesting that Austin’s decision could set the stage for a broader shift in development practices.

Orlando’s EDC Experience:
Shifting focus to Orlando, Calandrino discusses the recent Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), a multi-day festival with a substantial out-of-town attendance. Despite the noise, EDC contributes significantly to Orlando’s economy, boosting local businesses, especially in hospitality and retail. This insight ties into the broader discussion of how events can impact a city’s economic landscape.

Beyond Commercial’s Family Affair:
Providing a personal touch, Calandrino shares developments within Beyond Commercial, where the business is becoming a family affair. Emphasizing the importance of family time, she narrates a joyful scenario where her kids joined her during a second showing. Despite the chaos, the experience was positive for all parties involved, resulting in a signed lease.

Success Story in Real Estate:
Calandrino recounts a recent success story where Beyond Commercial, serving as the landlord representative, provided the best experience for tenants. The responsive and communicative approach, coupled with treating clients with dignity, resulted in the tenants praising the leasing process.

As Austin pioneers a new approach to development, and Orlando thrives on vibrant events like EDC, Beyond Commercial stands out not only for its professional successes but also for embracing a family-oriented work culture. This Monday Market Update highlights the evolving dynamics in urban planning, economic influences, and the significance of a family-centric approach in the business world.