Monday Market Scoop: Let’s Talk Real Estate with Amy Calandrino

Hey there, real estate enthusiasts! Let’s kick-start our week with some fresh-off-the-press updates from the world of commercial real estate. From our very own office activities to what’s making headlines locally and nationally, I’ve got you covered.

Our NYC Adventures:

Last week was quite the whirlwind, as I hopped on over to New York City with the Seacoast Private Wealth crew. And let me tell you, the Big Apple never disappoints! Especially when you’re in a room (a super cool map room, to be precise) with none other than Bob Knakal, the King of Investment Sales in NYC. We chatted, strategized, and shared insights on the ups and downs of running boutique brokerages. Bob’s got some golden nuggets of wisdom, and it was an eye-opener, to say the least.

Oh, and did I mention I caught “Sweeney Todd” on Broadway? What a show! If you ever get the chance, don’t miss out.

What’s Buzzing in Orlando:

Back in our sunny Orlando, there’s a bit of chatter around the OnePulse Foundation and some developments with the Orange County TDT tax. Want the lowdown? Check out the full story [right here](

Making Waves Nationally:

Nationally speaking, there’s some pretty cool news out there. Picture this: turning those sprawling office spaces into cozy homes. The White House seems to be onto something, releasing a guidebook all about the ins and outs of office-to-residential conversions. Dive into the details [here](

That’s the scoop for today, folks! Stay curious, stay informed, and let’s catch up again next week for more real estate tidbits.

Amy Calandrino – Your go-to gal for all things Commercial Real Estate in Orlando!