Inside Beyond Commercial:

Amy Calandrino, founder of Beyond Commercial, recently attended the Women’s Real Estate Investment Summit 2024. This summit provided valuable insights into creating generational wealth through real estate investments, focusing on empowering women in the real estate sector. Amy aims to deploy these insights to benefit her clients and the broader community.

Local Spotlight:

The Castle Irish, assisted by Amy in finding their perfect space, celebrated their first St. Patrick’s Day with considerable fanfare. Orlando turned the city green with a variety of events, from traditional Irish dances and music to family-friendly activities. Notably, the Mighty St. Patrick‚Äôs Festival at Raglan Road Irish Pub at Disney Springs offered authentic Irish entertainment and cuisine.

National News:

On the national front, experts like Sachs, Roubini, and Zandi have voiced their perspectives on the climate crisis’s impact on the economy. Their insights offer a significant shift in how we understand the intersection of environmental issues and economic stability, underlining the importance of sustainable practices in commercial real estate and other business sectors.

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