Every year seems to be a watershed moment in the space business, but the last few have been particularly noteworthy. 

 For the first time in over a decade, astronauts launched from US soil in May 2020. Since then, millionaires have taken suborbital thrill rides, a team of non-professional astronauts has spent three days in space, and the long-awaited James Webb Space Telescope has begun its voyage to discover the universe’s beginnings. 

 And this year will be just as thrilling, with the launch of new mega rockets, the first step toward bringing humans back to the moon, and a glimpse at a rocket that might one day send astronauts to Mars.  

Recently, On the premiere of Blue Origin, a Winter Park couple joins Pete Davidson of Saturday Night Live and three other celebrities. 

 Sharon and Marc Hagle, who bought their initial tickets to space 15 years ago this month, are now only days away from their first launch!  

The space-for-earth economy, which produces goods or services in space for consumption on Earth, accounted for 95 percent of the estimated $366 billion in revenue gained in the space sector in 2019. Telecommunications and internet infrastructure, earth observation capabilities, national security satellites, and more are all part of the space-for-earth economy. This is becoming a big deal, especially for Florida since it is an epicenter of space activity. Due to this The Kennedy Space Center anticipates substantial expansion of launch capability in the future, as well as a corresponding rise in job opportunities. Single-unit leases are being phased out in favor of campus-like arrangements, such as those found in Exploration Park, which allow enterprises to consolidate production, integration, testing, and launch services in one location for more efficient operations. They are also dedicated to ensuring that this expansion is carried out in an ecologically friendly manner. This is notably exciting for the fact that space travel is now becoming more commercialized and we’re at the epicenter of it here in Florida. Before you know it, the outer depths of space with be for anyone to explore. 

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