When you think of yourself; would you say you are you more creative, or logical? Are you strong in math or art? Are you more care-free, or stern? These examples are the perfect questions to ask someone to decipher whether they’re “left” or “right” brained. However, when you think of that, what does that really even mean? Allow me to offer some insight on why tapping into the importance of finding a means to balance the functions of each side that is critical for a business owner. It’s critical to understand how the two parts of the brain interact. A company owner is typically thought of being a rational, detail-oriented problem-solver. Many firms, on the other hand, rely on innovation to promote their products or services.    Well first, let’s have a science lesson. 

The brain is divided into two parts, one with a left hemisphere and the other with a nearly symmetrical right hemisphere. Hemispheric lateralization is the concept that the two hemispheres are functionally distinct and that one hemisphere controls particular mental processes and actions more than the other. 

 The left hemisphere is in charge of the right side of the body and receives information from the right visual field, which regulates speech, language, and word, letter, and number recognition. The right hemisphere controls the left half of the body and receives information from the left visual field, which regulates creativity, context, and object recognition. The veracity of the left brain/right brain paradigm has been a source of debate in recent years. While academics agree that the two sides of the brain govern separate processes, they do not believe the two halves work independently. Individual variations in strengths and preferences, on the other hand, might make one side appear to be more dominating than the other. Perhaps you might want to take this with a grain of salt, but knowledge is power so knowing more never hurts. 

Alright, queue out the science lesson; let’s talk about the why I’m even mentioning it. Now that I work for myself as a full-time business owner, I feel as if I’m able to effectively utilize both my technical and creative sides; and as a businesswoman, I genuinely believe you need to be both. Within our own business, our team and I strive to connect the two parts that can bring upon the experiences we wish to experience ourselves. In CRE, there are a lot of components that come to play that juxtapose themselves. When it’s all about numbers it’s more “left brained”, leaving the relationships aspect to feel just transactional. However, as a team we try to incorporate more “right brained” attributes such as trying to bring creative investment ideas for business owners, making actual connections with people and so on. Reading, doing activities that pique each part of the brain can help bring it all together. My advice would to be eager to learn new things and venture out of our comfort zone as an entrepreneur. To build a big, long-lasting business, all sides of the brain must work together. Reading, doing activities that pique each part of the brain can help bring it all together.