Monday Market Update with Amy Calandrino

Good morning, everyone! It’s Amy here, bringing you our weekly commercial real estate market update for this beautiful Monday morning. There’s a lot to cover, from exciting growth in our local Orlando market to significant national developments, and a heartfelt remembrance of our dear colleague.

Local Orlando Update

Orlando Achieves Top-Rank Again!  
Orlando has done it again! Our city has repeated its achievement by ranking as the **top US market for industrial rent growth** in the third quarter. This is a testament to our vibrant market and the relentless effort of all those involved in the commercial real estate sector in the region. This ranking not only signifies the robustness of our local market but also hints at the promising future of commercial spaces in Orlando. Dive deeper into the story by visiting this [link](

National Update  

Revamping Aging YMCA Properties
On the national front, builders across North America are targeting YMCA properties for redevelopment. With the trend of repurposing older structures and a heightened focus on community needs, these YMCA properties are witnessing a fresh wave of potential. It’s an intriguing development that underscores the adaptability of our industry and the changing needs of our communities. Get all the details [here](

Within Our Office

Remembering Savannah Lee
Last week marked a somber anniversary for our team; it’s been a year since we lost our first junior agent, Savannah Lee. As we remember her today, we’re also reminded of her dedication, warmth, and the positive energy she brought to our office every day. Many of the clients she served still work with us, and her legacy continues to shine brightly in the relationships she forged. We deeply miss Savannah, and her memory will always be a cherished part of our team’s story. You can view her memorial [here](

As we step into this week, let’s keep Savannah’s dedication and love for our industry in our hearts, and continue to drive our market forward. Stay connected, and here’s to a week of progress and positivity.

Warm regards,  
Amy Calandrino