Authored by Stephanie Biddle – Communications Special Projects Editor

Navigating the world of commercial real estate – leasing, buying or selling – can be a highly complex endeavor that should have a considerable amount of strategy and analysis behind every decision and transaction. Beyond Commercial provides the technical expertise, plus the strategy and analysis, to help with goals like purchasing to build capital, renegotiating leases due to the pandemic or other crises, assessing market value based on our unique central Florida market and analyzing space, growth and budget considerations as a start-up company, among others.

“We offer buyer and tenant representation. I’m not a broker with a large conglomerate – I’m a small business owner just like my clients, and like them I’m also invested in commercial real estate,” says Founding Principal Amy Calandrino.

Being highly attuned to the local market and being very relationship focused is part of what Calandrino says sets her firm apart from others. “Part of what makes us unique is that we are much more advisory- and relationship-based,” she says. “Some of the clients I’ve worked with have been able to get money back in their pocket by getting tax credits, work force credits or renegotiating leases,” Calandrino says. “A lot of the work we’ve been doing over the pandemic has been consulting with business owners to help them with their rent and their leases. Many business owners think they’re locked into a long-term lease and we can’t help them, but we have some strategies. Maybe they’re paying 40 percent above market value now, and we can help renegotiate with their landlord and put that money back into their business. We have good relationships with many owner representatives. If there is a solution to be found, we will find it.” She also notes that they are offering free consultations right now.

Calandrino validates the notion of how complex the analysis and strategy component can be. Commercial space is usually a business owner’s second largest expense, which is why she says working with her firm can save you money and help you achieve the goals most compatible with your business and situation.

As a prime example, Beyond Commercial has a startup concierge to work exclusively with the unique needs of startup companies. “Some startups may not have their entire business plan together, or they don’t know what to plug into their business plan to consider when looking for commercial space. Our tenant representation is two-phase. We can consult with them on their business plan and then analyze the market and go look at available options.”

She also notes that they work with a lot of attorneys, doctors and small business owners who want to find good investment opportunities, and as a full-service commercial firm, Beyond Commercial can help them with the purchase and with leasing out extra space. “We want to help them make a good investment. Many business owners decide to buy commercial space instead of renting to create that investment opportunity,” says Calandrino.

As for the current state of commercial real estate, which has been dramatically affected by the pandemic, she says the area has the most amount of sublease space available since 1999. For businesses returning to the workplace, she says she’s seeing more physical spacing and less densification. Many are using extra office furniture or adding in walls to create more barriers and more safety. The Beyond Commercial website has a great blog post analyzing what the market looks like currently and what the forecast is, plus posts on many other relevant commercial real estate and related business topics.