What do we do?

Our clientele includes dreamers, visionaries, inventors, risk takers, life savers, and all our suburb business folks.  We help business owners, executives, and professionals realize their dreams.

Silverleaf Real Estate evaluates its client’s current real estate holdings and long-term goals to create an action plan providing for flexibility.  Silverleaf will create detailed reports demonstrating the strengths and weaknesses of buying versus leasing or selling versus obtaining a strong tenant.  Silverleaf stays abreast of the latest commercial and residential real estate trends so its clients can stay ahead and have the best investment for its needs.

Here are a couple case studies:


Client:  Serial overseas entrepreneur with US home


1 year plan – Sell current home; move closer to children’s high school

5 year plan – Eventually relocate to Northeast US to be closer to children’s colleges and where the children will reside.

Strategy:  Find suitable buyer and aggressively market home; negotiate long-term lease for beautiful home near children’s high school; develop relationships in metropolitan areas for later home purchase

Result:  Home was sold for a fair price and an excellent rental deal was obtained.  We are in year five of this plan and actively finding a home in the DC area.


Client:  Law firm

Needs:  Reduce footprint while allowing flexibility for growth; obtain new location near mass transit for easy client and employee access; near lodging for its out-of-area and overseas clients

Strategy:  Analyze client trends; task client with interviewing its current clients to gain buy-in as to location; locate space with “flex” are for open, collaborative workspace for employees, which allow for expansion without need for additional space

Result:  Law firm moved out of downtown to Winter Park across from Sunrail and Amtrak station; walking distance to nice hotel for overseas and out-of-area clients; obtained superior space and reduced footprint by 32% while realizing 41% savings on rent, parking, and related expenses; employees are also able to take public transportation to work saving time on the road and money commuting to work

For Silverleaf, when our clients come to us, it’s not just a deal, but thinking outside of the box to create long-term solutions for them.  We are not a volume practice, rather a client-centric practice seeking lifelong relationships.  We are prompt, professional, and tenacious promising excellent service on every deal.