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#BeyondYourSpaceNeeds Episode 5: Amy Calandrino on #CRE Users and Investors

In commercial real estate, there are both users and investors.

Users are looking to utilize the space for their business and often desire the maximize the square footage revenue potential.
Investors desire to earn income on property and look its potential income and liabilities to determine if its a viable opportunity.

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#BeyondYourSpaceNeeds Episode 4: Amy Calandrino on #CRE RSF vs. USF

What is the difference between usable square feet (what’s within my office) and rentable square feet (what’s referenced in my lease)?

Rentable square feet is the square footage that is used the calculate your rent.  The difference between your rentable square feet and usable square feet has a few different terms — add-on factor, common area […]

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#BeyondYourSpaceNeeds Episode 3: Amy Calandrino on #CRE Market Value

There are number of factors which drive the real estate market values including location, zoning issues and financing.  Supply and demand also factors into the price users pay for commercial real estate often in the form of a lease.


Commercial Real Estate
Orlando, FL Market Trends

Commercial Real Estate
Orlando, FL Market Trends

Commercial Real Estate
Orlando, FL Market Trends

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#BeyondYourSpaceNeeds Episode 2: Amy Calandrino on the A, B and C Class Office Space

Commercial office space can be designated as Class A, Class B, or Class C type space.

Here are some of the attributes of those classes:

Class A

Highest rates
Building image
High-end finishes
Location often in Central Business District

Class B

More functional in nature
Nice but cost effective finishes
Could be a dated Class […]

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#BeyondYourSpaceNeeds Episode 1: Amy Calandrino on #CRE Tenant & Buyer Representation

An effective tenant/buyer representative wears multiple hats.

My three main objectives are to be:

A Leading Market Expert – connecting with peers continually and staying abreast of the latest market trends
Effective Negotiator – understanding how all of the terms and monetary elements work together along with the other side’s preferences to close the deal efficiently

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